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The region around the community of Waldbrunn has much to offer,
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Waldbrunn and Katzenbuckel

Waldbrunn is located below the Katzenbuckels, the highest elevation in the Odenwald. As a climatic health resort, nature and hiking are the top priorities. The community Waldbrunn in the Neckar-Odenwald district consists of 6 districts, the Sockenbacher Hof is located in Strümpfelsbrunn.

A popular excursion destination is the Katzenbuckel, Odenwald’s highest elevation. From the hotel you can walk a good 30 minutes to the observation tower.

The Katzenbuckel-Therme can be reached on foot in 10 minutes.

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Heidelberg (42 km)

The romantic city to fall in love with! Whether castle, pedestrian zone or Neckar.
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Whoever visits Heidelberg – on business or privately – gets to know a city that already had “something ideal” for Goethe. When guests from abroad are asked to name their favorite German destination, Heidelberg Castle is most often mentioned. The city on the Neckar counts around 11.9 million guests every year. The flair of the historic university city in a beautiful location, which is dynamically developing in terms of urban planning, economy and ideas, and which offers entertainment, shopping and gastronomy for all tastes, is always worth a visit.

Discover the sights of Heidelberg.

Further interesting
Cities of the region

  • Eberbach (9 km)
  • Mosbach (18 km)
  • Bad Wimpfen (37 km)
  • Michelstadt (32 km)
  • Miltenberg (39 km)
  • Erbach (30 km)

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Technical museum Sinsheim (42 km)

Welcome to the Technik Museum Sinsheim – only 40 minutes by car from Waldbrunn – you will find technology in a variety that is unique worldwide. Go on a journey through time and discover the milestones in the history of technology: How red does the red of a Ferrari shine? What record was set by the Blue Flame? How much engine capacity does the Brutus experimental vehicle have? How big is the largest dance organ in the world or who is really ahead? The Tupolev or the Concorde? In addition to the fully accessible supersonic jets and other aircraft, there is more: hundreds of noble oldtimers, powerful motorcycles, racy sports cars, colorful dragsters, powerful agricultural machines, Formula 1 legends, nostalgic racing bikes, huge steam locomotives, extensive


Eberstadter dripstone cave
(30 km)

The stalactite cave in Buchen’s Eberstadt district owes its discovery to the proverbial coincidence. In 1971, routine blasting unexpectedly uncovered a large opening in the quarry wall.

Even the first cautious explorations revealed the breathtaking geological beauty of a natural monument that is unique in southern Germany. In the geographical border area at the edge of the Odenwald forest, a cave in the so-called lower Muschelkalk has been discovered for the first time.

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German Greifenwarte
Castle Guttenberg (34 km)

Experience eagles, vultures and eagle owls in free flight high above Guttenberg Castle – in any weather!
Usually huge birds with a wingspan of more than two meters, such as black, griffon and bearded vultures, but also their mighty colleagues, such as various species of sea eagles, golden and imperial eagles, can be admired in free flight in one and the same demonstration. They circle above the Neckar, fly high above the castle battlements or touch the heads of the guests. The multitude of free-flying large birds of prey used at Guttenberg Castle is almost unique in Germany. Our expert “ground staff” provides for entertaining knowledge transfer for young and old.

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